Shatta Wale Rose From Grace To Grass and there Came Grace To Grace, The Shatta Story, An Embodiment of Hope to Mankind !!!

Robert Dumenu

Shatta Wale Rose From Grace To Grass and there Came Grace To Grace, The Shatta Story, An Embodiment of Hope to Mankind !!!

Many might wonder why such a headline but I insist there is none soothing than the above which would be made very clear after reading this. The Shatta Story is one that epitomizes hope, self belief, perseverance, hard work, obedience and the fear of God. The Shatta Wale even as a kid took to his passion and held on to it amidst difficulties until that faithful day came and keeps coming.

His Story is inspirational and is a source of hope to those who know it. Mankind has a purpose and one must fight so hard till it manifests. When I speak of Grace to Grass, I speak of Bandana coming out with his debut single and taking all of Ghana by Storm with a Title that testifies his Today, Moko Ho was the title meaning The Best as in Being the best when it comes to his Music Talent. Bandana Singing into a Future that is being Manifested today as Shatta Wale. Bandana did blow but wasn’t for long, he submerge and struggled to emerge back on top, upon studying the system and how things wouldn’t work for him, he had to align himself to change the system towards his direction.

So when I Say Grace to Grace, I speak of the Successful Rebrand from Bandana to Shatta Wale, which brought about a total revolution of Ghanaian Showbiz, the rebrand came with all the tools that would lead to a greater grace. It came with an Army, it came with Shatta Movement. Shatta Movement became the Pushing body to helped change the system to suit his brand but even with all that Shatta Wale still faced massive opposition meaning constant Struggles to Stay on top. Shatta Wale never gives up, his reign faced orchestrated opposition to ensure it was shortly lived however constant hard work, perseverance and trust in God, brought to life daily Miracles that put all the Persecutors Shame. Shatta Wale rose from a fall and his hard work ensured, his Rise To Grace grew Greater by the day.

His Shatta Movement To the World Vision is currently being lived as we speak, he has become a household name in Ghana, Africa and now to the World. We are in a Grace to Grace period where works are being put in, to ensure this remains the legacy. Shatta Wale is the only Ghanaian who features on Beyonce’s Lion King : The Gift To Africa Album. This is happens to be one of the greatest feet, if not the greatest to be met by any Ghanaian musician. A blessing that is enviable by all descriptions. Beyonce ft Shatta Wale Song is Titled Already, song even speaks of the shatta story if listened to carefully, with lines like You are a King Already Top everything You Know it, it’s like another Moko Ho but this time Featuring Beyonce just so Ghanaians can accept it finally, knowing our nature especially.

Shatta Wale Rebrand as a King of African Dancehall in his Career and Music Goddess Beyonce features Shatta Wale as a King. Shatta Wale has several songs to which he spoke of this day. His lyrics gives hope, living his lyrics gives testimonies that Mankind can truly be who they want to be, if they believe and work hard towards attaining it. The world is Dancing Already, it’s making appearances on world charts, it’s topping billboard polls, it’s being voted as favorite on the Album , Name appearances in Grammy etc. Infact Shatta Wale is Tipped to be the First Ghanaian be possibly win a Grammy following this Mega feature with Beyonce who happens to have won it severally.

Shatta Wale has all of the sudden become a global sensation, a story he kept telling Ghana, a story many opposed and tried to belittle, yet today we all see it actualizing. It’s sounds so prophetic, right? If you have never believed in God, trust me the Shatta Story should inspire you to fear him and start believing. Shata Wale Rose From Grace To Grass and there Came Grace To Grace, The Shatta Story, An Embodiment of Hope to Mankind !!!

[Watch ] and know more about the progress made so far with Shatta wale’s Beyonce Feature on Already.

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