New Album: “Reign” by Shatta Wale

Nana Kofi

The world was different in 2016, the year that Charles Nii Armah, known professionally Shatta Wale’s second studio album entitled “After The Storm” took off.

In two short years, the Ghanaian-born artist, songwriter, and producer saw his star take off in an unprecedented manner.

Finally releasing “Reign”, we see an artist ignited by the world around him into an album as a microcosm of its time. Or, depending on how you listen, 2018 is a microcosm of “Reign” and the fierce energy and grounded artistry behind it.

The album’s first track, “Don’t Baby My Baby,” tells the story of a male alpha holding onto his territory and being protective over his love interest.

More direct, and confident, Shatta Wale took his role, where identity is fluid, but his mastery of afrobeat sound shows itself as a peak to strive for. It begins the album as a realization of the coping mechanism music can be for artists.

Such self-assuredness is a connector throughout “Reign” as we see Shatta Wale explore the afrobeat and dancehall genre and sound as if he invented each himself.

With each confident stride, he makes each territory his own, communicating through his own musical lens and artfully crafting subtle, but good control with his lyricism.

The amazing part about “Reign” is its ability to project such intriguing messaging through track after track of thoroughly uplifting and energizing music.

“Reign” becomes more and more personal throughout the album, culminating in tracks like “I Regret” and “Rosalinda” exposes his vulnerability, no matter how gangster he may seem he has a soft side and is remorseful of his actions.

Shatta Wale delivers an unflinching performance of raw, emotion-filled tunes from start to finish.

Each word is spoken with such conviction and zero hesitation.

Though it feels like a barrage of rhymes, what makes “Reign” standout isn’t the sheer number of rhymes per production but the fact that every song on the album is portrayed with a certain level of accuracy.

This fierce storytelling is what sets The “Reign” ahead of others.

Shatta Wale’s strength lies in his ability to transcend his personal experience to create something.

To listen to the “Reign Album” by Shatta Wale, Hit the “download” button below…

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