Shatta Movement defines Fanbase input in Ghanaian Entertainment;Thanks To Shatta Wale!

Robert Dumenu

Shatta Movement defines Fanbase input in Ghanaian Entertainment;Thanks To Shatta Wale! 

There have never been Exciting times for Celebrity Fanbase input like these times in our Entertainment industry, this is how it should have been since but it appeared it just wasn’t clicking, until the rise of Shatta Wale with his Shatta Movement into our Entertainment Circles.

A celebrity without a notable following is No celebrity, you need a following to entertain and inspire, as it stands Shatta Movement is the biggest fanbase in Africa and is fast growing towards the world.

Ghana looks up to other Entertainment Industries across the globe, it is time it stops living in denial and accept truth so we can help project our industry into the limelight we so deem fit.

Shatta Wale came back into our industry with the Shatta Movement Empire as fanbase, basic Showbiz knowledge demands it. Once a celebrity can keep on inspirating, motivating, and Entertaining his or her following, then that celebrity can keep on dominating, it is as simple as that.

Celebrities that seek to listen and attend to the needs of their fanbase stay in business, it is a case of simple demand and supply, Do what your fans want and stay in business. Your fanbase defines you as a celebrity, it should be your most treasured asset so how you treat it is how your would be treated

Fanbase must be built to understand the brand of the celebrity they are following so as to point them right when the are going wrong and support when they on course. The best fanbase’s survives the worse of times and take their celebrities to places they dream of. The fans must understand to mission so they can push it.

Shatta Movement fanbase is A Strong Voice in our Ghanaian Entertainment industry, even the so called  industry players know deep down in their hearts that the empire Understands Entertainments and is pushing it to the world, it is the reason why other celebrities are working hard on their fanbase which is great for our Showbiz. 

Shatta Movement Fanbase on it’s on has strong minds who know Showbiz, it is the pace setter in terms of fanbase contribution in our Entertainment industry, it has built brands from within that are doing so well as celebrities themselves. Shatta Movement provides following with numbers that can be converted into business.

Social media is the strongest tool for effective fanbase management, provides opportunities for both fans and celebrities. We have fans that have grown into celebrities themselves due to Their influences in fanbase.

Shatta Wale has started something great in our industry, Shatta Movement is Growing stronger and wiser each day making our entertainment industry hopeful and exciting.

If Bhim, Sarknation etc would be sincere to themselves they would admit to learning a lot from the Shatta Movement fanbase hence their existence.

Every celebrity should be looking for a fanbase that can manage its brand, Shatta Wale has it.

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