“Glo” Must Respect Ghana Artistes;Industry players Wake up!

Robert Dumenu


Glo” Must Respect Ghana Artistes;Industry players Wake up!

I don’t think Glo is Serious about doing business in Ghana. They always come in with total disregard for our brands mainly because some of these brands avail themselves so cheaply.

Our Showbiz Industry Now has a voice, that voice stands for truth and is willing to fight off any foreign entity that comes in to make our industry worse off than it is already.

Shatta Movement is working really hard to develop our music industry yet some fellow industry players allow themselves to be devalued.

Glo is working hard to cement grounds in Ghana as a telecommunication giant but so far things haven’t been so good, their previous attempts failed with the careers of the Artistes they brought on board in attempts to establish it self well.

Glo is to blame for the destruction of some careers in Our Entertainment industry, due to the bad deals they set up for our artistes.

Even currently, they are making a similar move to pay less for more, trust me no Nigerian Artiste billed for a Concert in Ghana can Pull in the numbers currently without the help of Our Ghanaian artistes, meaning the crowd is being provided using our artistes yet they pay less and pay more to their fellow  Nigerians.

This must stop, We can’t allow Brands like Glo to come into Our Country and cheat our talents.  I know Shatta Wale wouldn’t take that Chicken change our fellow so called Super Stars have agreed to be payed.

The Information is, No Ghanaian artistes on board Glo’s Upcoming event in Ghana is taking up to 25,000 Dollars whiles Nigerian acts like Davido and Wizkid are taking Over 100,000 Dollars each.

You can say The Nigerian Names on board are bigger than the Ghanaian Names on board that is why they might be taking more however why didn’t they come for their likes as in Shatta Wale so they can pay him Also that much but No they won’t because they don’t respect us, they would rather go in for cheap deals that would make our industry look weak and later blame their misfortune on the lack of quality in our Ghanaian Music Industry.

Glo, our industry has the quality you see in the Nigerian artistes, Stop being Cheap and  if you indeed want to be well established in Ghana do the very best to start respecting our Entertainment industry.

Ghana let us wise up and stop allowing ourselves to be disrespected by foreign brands for so little. Let us join Shatta Wale and help make our industry solid and wealthy.

So Far so Good Zylofon is Doing a great Job let’s Support it by refusing deals from brands that do not mean well for our Game. Good Offers are very welcome and anyone with such an offer wouldn’t be disappointed.

Shatta Wale recently tweeted the below, See for yourself, No Shatta Wale No Glo at least we know he won’t allow his Brand to be disrespected, Shatta Movement would insist on a deal that would make Ghana Proud. Shatta Wale controls a greater part of the Fanbase in Ghana, any serious brand that is willing to Do business in Ghana would listen when he speaks.


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