Untold; Trotro Driver With Shatta Wale’s face Tattooed on Body To Name Baby Girl after Shatta wale’s Mum!

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Untold; Trotro Driver With Shatta Wale’s face Tattooed on Body To Name Baby Girl after Shatta wale’s Mum! 

Avid was in the news earlier this year for all the right reasons, yes he was trending because, he loved Shatta Wale and showed it proudly at work. He believes, he draws a lot of inspiration from Shatta Wale, hence the tattoo on his body and the customization of his trotro to reflect his source of inspiration.

As a trotro driver or being an employee in general, makes it very career threatening however, Avid just had to take the risk just like many other Shatta Movement Fans across the globe and in Ghana, trust me you can easily loose your job.

Joy News did a Story on a trotro driver that had mad love for Shatta Wale enough to Tatoo his face on body, which really trended Heavy, however as to how follow ups were made between Joy News and SM management, to ensure the needful was done, is still unclear.

All Sm2daWorld Knows is that Avid lost his job after the interview with Joy News all because he showed the world how inspired  he was by Shatta Wale, as it stands he only works as spare to other drivers so he can make ends meat.

The reason behind him not landing a Trotro vehicle is Most shocking, apparently he gets a lot of job offers but it is his condition that is not being met. He insists on every opportunity to have his car customized as SM since that is his major source of inspiration, he even revealed being contacted by his previous car owner recently to comeback yet he declined due to personal reasons which stress on loyalty to the brand and current state of his former Much loved Trotro vehicle, he felt his believes were disrespected upon which I fully support, we all have the right to be inspired and where we draw it from shouldn’t be judged.

After all these, Avid plans on naming his New born baby girl after Shatta wale’s mum, when asked why, he said, this is what his God is Telling him, hence the urgency of this Story.

The baby girl is over 3 months old and has not yet been named because He wants to ask permission from Shatta Wale, get the confirmed name and then go ahead confidently to name his baby.

Think all you want, I see this simply as love for ones’ source of inspiration, crazy love and respect for Shatta Wale, I am certain most crazy fans after reading this would feel their love for SM is even minimum compared to this.

SM2DAWorld hopes to have a one on one on camera with Avid so you can hear it all from the horses own mouth, also watch out for the naming of his Baby Girl after Shatta Wale’s mums Since this is obviously getting to management through this platform.

Thanks to Dreamline, We were able to know the Untold Story about the SM Trotro Driver who Tattooed Shatta wale’s Face on his body. He was a very reliable source of information.

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Viral Video – A Trotro Driver Tattoos Shatta wale’s face his body 

Avid Shatta Wale fan promises free rides if he meets him.

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