AddiSelf To Sponser Charity Foundation; Twin Tings Charity for Orphans and Street Children.

Robert Dumenu

AddiSelf To Sponser Charity Foundation; Twin  Tings Charity for Orphans and Street Children.

The TakerOver And Thunder Fire Hit maker is so committed when it comes to the needs of the less privilege.

AddiSelf is Head of SelfNation and is Signed to The Shatta Movement Record by Shatta Wale.

We believe and would encourage any act of Charity by any member of our Family.  Bold and Wise move by our own SM Militant AddiSelf.

He confirmed with below post.

“I Jafaro Mohammed is now an official sponsor of Twin #TingsCharityFoundation Based in Ghana 🇬🇭Supporting Orphans and street children we are now in the process of buying 10 Akkers of land For the Foundation of #TwinTingsVillage to build #A Retreat #A Mosque #A School #And A HealthCentere For Orphans 👧🏾👦🏽with more love and support we can build this for our noble Orphans And for the reward from Allah swt For this life and the Next life and also the Grave and on the day of Judgment In Sha Allah So my noble brothers and sister for any Enquires or Donations for TwinTingsCharityFoundation In Ghana please kindly in box my self or Laila Hunt #TwinTingsCharity May Allah Reward You all in this Holy Month Of Ramadan In Sha Allah and Accept out Fasting and Ibada Ma Salam Signed Jafaro M 🇬🇭🇯🇲🇬🇧✔®”

Updates on Incoperation

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