Thunder Fire Taking Over Ghana Already; Shatta Wale ,Captan, AddiSelf and Joint77, Drop Another Banger!

Robert Dumenu

Shatta Wale and His Militants have done it again, thunder fire is already everywhere, it is the hit of the moment . Gringo is The biggest song in Ghana Now but the rate at which it is booming, it will soon be Appearing in Most Top music Charts just like the Ayoo and TakingOver Reign but this time even Bigger.

In this, we see how very Professional the Militants have grown to be, they are commercial music Monsters Now, All thanks To Shatta Wale.

Thunder Fire, the Hit That Shatta’s Gringo, this tells how fast it has grown as a hit and how big of a tune it is .

It is never easy to repeat history or a Record let alone surpass it.

Shatta Movement Record Label is So proud to have all these Talents. Watch Out for the video and More hits from Captan, AddiSelf, Joint77, NattyLee , Pope skinny , Duke and Shatta Wale.

Thunder fire is a great improvement on Taking Over, Same Characters but more professionally improved.

Thunder Fire is Real Fire , it is real groomed fire, outmost credit to Shatta Wale, AddiSelf, Captan and Joint77, it is not easy to make a hit bigger than Taking Over.

Check the Audio file out on YouTube as we wait for the visuals.

Download Thunder Fire here

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