Shatta Wale – The Peace in Ghana is Enough; Let’s Support our Governments to Support Us.

Robert Dumenu

Shatta Wale Urges Youth to Utilize the peace we have in Ghana and Stop being over reliant on Government, he adviced further by saying our politicians would only take us serious when we get serious ourselves. Ghanaians must think like developers, we must all play our parts.

“The Youths of Ghana must grow up and learn how to utilize this peaceful place(Ghana) God has given us or else the Government of Ghana will never take anything we do serious..I am also a proud Ghanaian who has that same blood you have running in you but I have been able to support the government of this country whether past or present by exporting Ghana goods..Let’s stop the “I kno I kno” syndrome and let’s thinking like Developers Developing a nation…Ghana!!! We are playing too much and our leaders are watching ..They will pay attention to us when we also help build Ghana which also their agenda !!! Wise up !!! #SM4LYF …”

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