Sat. Jul 20th, 2019

Gringo Lace is The Fabric for this Coming Salah

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Gringo Lace is The Fabric for this Coming Salah, Apparently Gringo is not just a World banger, It is gradually becoming a way of life since is now part of almost every activity in Ghana.

Found below Story on Shadrack Amonoo’s Facebook wall, So maximum credit to him.

“So one have Aunties who own a shop inside the Makola Market told me there’s a new Lace (Fabric) in town called the #GRINGO_LACE,
And it’s specially designed for the Muslims to celebrate this year’s Eid ftrl.
I thought it’s only a Joke, so I didn’t believe it,
This morning my younger sis told me the same thing that,
This Gringo Lace is the latest in town and it’s all over the Makola market.
As an Internet freak, I just did a little research about it on the social media and Damn It’s really true!
This Gringo Lace is trending lyk a f*ck!
Everyone is talking about It Charlie!!!

Shatta Wale just a dropped a single Tune off from his Album Oooo, And this is what is happening Oooo!! !!!
This has never happened in Ghana!!!
This #GRINGO Song is really Influencing the System!
I’m saying it again Oooo!
Let’s fear this Shatta Wale guy!
When you think it’s getting over for him,
that’s when he keeps Rising higher and higher!!!!
Charlie for me I believe Ooooo!!!
There’s a God… There’s a God.. There’s a God!!
And no Man, absolutely no man can distract what he has planned for each one of Us…