Showbiz Encourages Wealth Showing; Shatta Wale Knows Showbiz

Robert Dumenu

I Didn’t want to do a story on Wealth exposure, since it is a normal norm in showbiz, however it looks like from here most people we usually expect to know more about the rules of the Game are actually ignorant to it’s norms.

Shatta Wale exhibiting his wealth is all part of the Game, if you don’t have it, how can you show it ? He could be amongst the few in Africa doing this but most definitely not the first in the world, most of the big names in showbiz do it, from May Weather, 50 cent, bird Man, And so on, the list is endless. Not just money but your lifestyle must translate your class, your Wealth would determine your lifestyle. The money will show in your Clothes, Cars, Mansions etc , we are not talking waste oh, we are talking Glamour that comes with Fame, if indeed showbiz is making you rich.

Showbiz is Show business, thus the business of the show so if the show is giving you Wealth you are allowed to show it. The advantages in Showing Wealth outweighs Not Showing. The reason why most can’t show is, they show the world they are successful but are not actually, which is also allowed since the celebrity status must be maintained. Wealth and Fame is what Showbiz is about, famous people in Showbiz would allows show the world their wealth because their live is Entertainment and Motivation for followings and Fans.

The richer you are in showbiz the more powerful you get. Even in Nigeria, Showbiz is all about the money, your lifestyle will show how indeed successful you are, you can’t have a hit like Wizkid, Davido , Olamide etc and be claiming poor, try it and loose all your following.

If you are successful in music show it with your money that is the norm, those truly in the world of showbiz know this, it adds more value to your brand. Abroad has the most developed showbiz industry, Africa is Coming because we are learning. Ghana must learn more about the game and talk less, some talking points only takes the class back when we could be learning more.

Shatta Wale Knows Showbiz, it is working for him, let’s learn from him and stop the hate talk. He is working hard for it in the business of the show so he can show his success from the show for all to know how profitable it is, those who don’t, either dont understand the game they are playing or don’t have the money to show in real life because showing is Allowed and very beneficial, thus if you have it show it.

Some fake it but for how long, the world would know when the show can no longer cover you with it’s Fame. So work hard, make money and show it, your life is Entertainment, it is very allowed, afterall how can you inspire your following when your success is hidden from them, what would motivate them?

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