“Gringo” A Street Anthem; Street Controls Hits Now

Robert Dumenu

Gringo proves, hits in Ghana, is now being controlled by the street, just like Ayoo and Taking over. If your song can become a street anthem, it would be accepted by all, even the media houses who might usually change for promo would have no choice but to push it.

Shatta Wale is living prove, if you control the streets , you control the hits, it isn’t a hidden secret that some industry players would never willingly support the works of shatta Wale, some just hate the length of his reign thus they feel he has reigned too long which isn’t good for their business, some just want to hold on their proved wrong assertions about him, some hate just because it isn’t them in his position, most hate because they fail to learn from his brand and accept the fact that his brand is bringing in a lot to development our Showbiz.

Most of the haters don’t understand the brand Shatta Wale, they make it worse by surrounding themselves with people who would only mislead them about the brand, which usually leaves them confused. As it stands, yearly these Haters would say to themselves, we are tired of his reign so we must stand together and reject it, but it always fails because Shatta Wale controls the street thus 70 to 80 percent the entire fanbase in Ghana leaving the haters with just 30 to 20 percent to manage. No matter how hard they try, majority would always control, it is a choice, Shatta wale loves the streets and they love him too. A song can be pushed hard by the minority, it would only hit if the streets accept it but when the streets pushes a song hard, it needs no approval. Most Songs that hit big in Ghana, hit big because of the street. If the Streets loves it, then it is a banger.

The streets made Ayoo and Taking Over big though the haters were fighting it, now it is Gringo. Gringo is big because the street endorsed it, Shatta Wale has the street and the street is more than 70% of the total fanbase in Ghana. Usually, every year the 30% try to make it look like Shatta Wale has No hit but when the streets remembers, they have the power then all is lost for the haters, from there any song Shatta Wale drops is carried by the streets, blessing him with hits upon hits. The Street loves the Brand because it is the real, they understand it. Shatta Movement is For Real People, everything real is from the street. The people are the Street. In Short Shatta Movement determines the hits in Ghana Now Not the so called Industry players anymore , we do this through the street, we are the street.

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