Mon. Jun 17th, 2019

Shatta wale Fires Shots Back at “Gringo” Haters;

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Check out, how Shatta Wale decided to tackle the Hate around his gringo world banger. He uses content from Lyrics of song to send an indirect yet so direct message to the baseless late, He tells  them basically that he is No.1 in Dancehall from Africa To The World. He Holds the Dancehall Banner.

“Mi deh yuh still and a mi dem all a talking’ bout !!
Badmind,Fake friend mi see dem walking out
If a nuh mi who ago talk bout Dancehall Now Dancehall Now ..
Am still here and you keep talking about me
Badminds, fake friends I see walking out
If it wasn’t me who would have raise Dancehall in Africa like this ..
Am too Smart than all your smart phones 😂🤣😂“