Trending Facts! Shatta Wale and Gringo ; Check Now

Robert Dumenu

Shatta Wale and his Gringo world banger are Trending every where in the World. It is like an epemedic, it’s driving people Gaga.

Gringo is more than just a song, It is Movie and Advert too. It is Revolutionary. Some even compare it to Micheal Jackson’s Triller and so on, It tells the Shatta Story. As it stands Shatta Wale is no more just an Artist from Ghana or Africa that Does Dancehall Music, He is World Legend, He is world Endorsed, He is Beyond International.

Watch Video And Check Facts below

Check a few facts.

In the List Of Legends, All Genres Read Reggae,only his reads #ModernDancehall
Yes non of the names in the Top 10 Dancehall Artistes Popped up except Shatta Wale.
So who holds the dancehall banner World Wide now ? Obviously, it is Shatta Wale, No long talk. Stop the local comparisons, Dude is World rated. #Gringo in #LoL #SM in #LOL









Gringo sits among World Classics like Angel, Three little Birds, It wasn’t me, Red Red Wine etc. Check their Views & have an idea of The Future. Classics are unfading, Gringo is one and not just one but is currently trending than any of the songs in the List of Legends #LOL.

BASIC FACTS About Lyrics of SONG per view point of a Listener.

1*Me never see no badman weh ah wear kaba…( Meaning he has never see a man acting as a woman… In this point shatta wale is against #HOMOSEXUALITY[gay&lesbian] telling them to like their opposite gender…

2*If ah gyal seh picture mi nuh say naaaa(Furthermore this point means a lot to the Ladies out there…… [Meaning he love,respect and obey women cause they are the reason why we are here today… They brought us to this earth so we got to obey or do their wish])

3*Coolie coolie we ah smoke inna every corner. (This verse talk a lot of being careful of yourself as a being…Coolie coolie is a dialect in Jamaica meaning Cannabis, marijuana,weed etc. And this point shatta wale mean there is a badmind at every place so you got to be careful who you share your problem with.)

4* Member every soldier know how to live inna di bush. ( The most hard core lyrics in this song Gringo……[It is only a fighter who knows how to fight for his freedom and right cause he is used to it and have many war formation] so never in your life try to go against the truths man)

5*Ah real rasta can show you the right kush…(To the above points, this part teaches you to learn from someone who is well know to what you wanna do or be…. Cause it only a truth man who is gonna teach you the truth…)

6*If you is ah man beat ah gyal datta bush… ( Shatta wale is fighting or let say campaigning against violence against women…. When we look into this, shatta wale really love women a lot …. A man beating his women is out of date in this modern world and you got to pay for that..)

7*If anuh me who ah guh talk bout it…( if you don’t fight for yourself no one is gonna do that for you cause your destiny is in your own hands).
Gringo is a real shatta’s story


Facts on Gringo Trends

Funny picture and Videos, Drawings, Fun Video’s chilling to Song, Dance video. Comedian using it as acts, celebrities endorsements world wide, Funny post and Terms etc. Gringo is trending in every eat one can think of. It is trending on almost every social media platforms, and Charts.

Check a few out

Check Charts

Check out A Few Celebrity Endorsements

Credit to all those who wrote about gringo.

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