Shatta Wale, Bob Marley and UB40 in List Of Legends #LOL

Robert Dumenu

#LOL List of Legends
Check the Views of all these classics on YouTube, it will give you an idea of Views on YouTube Gringo would be enjoying Soon.
Sting and Shaggy have a joint album released this year, They currently Top the Chart with Their Don’t Make Me wait Reggae Banger which was dropped on 26th January 2018. The Second song in the top 9 was released in on 20th April 2018. Gringo was released on 27the April 2018, making it Most current in the Top 9, iTunes listed 100 Top Reggae tunes though but am on the Top 9.
Some would say Gringo made it too quick into this charts,that is how fast it would keep Spreading and become No.1 on day.
The rest of the listing were released years ago but are still in the Chart, this tells you they are world classics. Check them out, the rest start from 1977 to 2000. Being listed amongst Legends makes you a Legend. Names like Bob Marley, UB40, Shaggy, Sean Paul, Matisyahu etc. Shatta wale is a Living legend already. This is a Record.

#LoL List of Legends

Also looking at the Genres, All the Top 9 are Classified as Reggae, Except Shatta wale’s Gringo which was Classified as Modern Dancehall. So why won’t I say proudly that, he is the one holding The Dancehall banner worldwide currently. Gringo is indeed dancehall Now and it found it’s  way into the List of Legends, can’t find any other big name from the top 10 Dancehall artists for 2018 except Shatta Wale.

Top 100 Reggae Songs on iTunes is a very big deal, it’s filled with greatness. All songs are World Classics, they never fade. If a song like Three Little birds by Bob Marley which was released in 1977 is still trending, then picture Shatta Wale’s Gringo standings in the Near Future.

Sting and Shaggy has lots of songs off their 44/876 album which was dropped this year whiles Gringo is on Shatta wale’s Yet to be released album Titled TheReign.

TheReign Album is destined for greatness Obviously, it already has a song amongst the world’s classic putting Shatta Wale on Top of any artiste in Africa and in the Dancehall Genre Worldwide.

Check out all 9 Classics on YouTube

Shatta Wale – Gringo

Sting and Shaggy – Don’t Make me Wait

Bob Marley- Three little Birds

UB40 – Red Red Wine


Sean Paul, David Guetta- Mad Love

Shaggy- Angel


Shaggy- Wasn’t me

Sting and Shaggy- Morning is Coming


Matisyahu-one day
















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